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You can call me… Neil. That’s the name I chose for myself 15 years ago now.

I identify as… a few ways. Mainly, I am male. I am also a post-op transgender male, as I was born female and have had gender reassignment. Sometimes I think of myself as a transgender woman in a transgender mans body. I like to express this by dressing quite androgynous, and I like a lot of feminine things.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I rather be referred to as “him/he.” I do get mistaken for female sometimes, which is strange if I’m sporting a beard!

I’m attracted to… Women with androgynous faces, but curvy bodies. Natural beauty. Androgynous minds. People with both male and female traits. Scruffy little men with something dainty about them.

When people talk about me, I want them to… talk about Neil the person, there are many many more interesting things about me before being an FTM comes into it. I want people to be respectful, but also ask questions rather than assume things about me. Also, I should be the only one who tells you about my transgender past, not someone else.

I want people to understand… transgender people don’t have to fit into their gender role. Just because you assign your body to be male doesn’t mean you have to be butch. People would ask me, “Why do you think you are male? Do you like playing football?” Being male just felt right, it shouldn’t mean I had to stop playing with dolls as soon as I realized.

About Neil
Neil is a “professional amateur,” he makes music under the name 17 Dogs, writes a UK horror fanzine called Necronomicon, and runs a small business making clothes for Asian ball-jointed dolls. He is due to be killed by a sea monster in a short horror film set in Whitby, UK.

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4 Responses to “Profile: Neil”

  1. dylan

    1. Awesome glasses.
    2. “Scruffy little men with something dainty about them.” Yes.
    3. Making clothes for dolls sounds interesting. I’m a little obsessed with tiny, miniature things.
    4. I would love to watch the horror film! Not sure if that would be possible, but if there ends up being a link to watch or buy it, you should post it.


  2. freiya

    I love your answer to “i want people to understand….” this perfectly sums up my feelings on this as well :)

    Also, seconded with the cool glasses!


  3. Neil

    Ooh thanks for your comments! The film is on Youtube under Attack of the Martian Mutant from Mars, its a very silly sci fi spoof but we had lots of fun doing it.
    Those glasses didnt last long, I didnt think I could pull them off!


  4. Dutch Dork

    Love your profile, and well, your reply to “I want people to understand…” and “Sometimes I think of myself as a transgender woman in a transgender mans body,” thank you for putting this out there. As a person who almost feels guilty for being ‘too feminine to want to be male’, it’s a massive comfort to read profiles like yours.


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