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You can call me… Nora

I identify as… Lord knows. Definitely not a lady, though that is how everyone knows me.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … whatever works. As a Pisces, I don’t really like to step on anyone’s toes, so I probably won’t correct you (although my mother definitely will).

I’m attracted to… feminine women who are a little older than me. Masculine men hold a certain glamour for me as well, but I think I just want to look like them.  Belief in religion, small stature, baking ability, and nice hair definitely draw me to a person. Laughing at my jokes/making me laugh will really snare me, as will hiding in my shoulder when a movie scares you. Anything that validates my masculinity (complimenting my strength, telling me how handsome my jacket looks, etc) makes me like someone a lot too. Also, confidence is hot, and definitely an underrated quality. When I tell you how good you look, I mean it and you should own it, not shrug it off.

When people talk about me, I want them to… not really pay attention to how I look (unless you think I’m cute, then go ahead!). It is so much easier for me to be a real person in public when I am not constantly worrying about how people are perceiving me in the moment. I hate feeling like I have to justify or explain myself. I want people to be genuine with me, because I always try my hardest to do the same.

I want people to understand… that not everything revolves around which bathroom I choose to enter. The world is a little harder for me to navigate, and I am not asking for sympathy or anger when I tell you to watch my back when we go in the women’s changing room at Target, I really just need you to stop the sales lady from evicting me as I try on my Levi’s. I will tell you if I want to change my pronouns, so stop asking.

About Nora
I am a politically moderate, Christian, 19-year-old gay female who does almost anything possible to deny their sex. I think that there are good Catholics out there (I am one), and that sometimes people who you think will be real jerks are actually sort of sweet and genuine (I am one of those too). I want to be an Army doctor, and I hate that my obvious gender identity issues might bar me from helping people that I believe really deserve it. I think that one day I will make a really great parent, and my father will make a really great grandparent, and I want to have kids as soon as I am in a stable situation. I like to think I am pretty interesting, and I wonder if you agree.

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3 Responses to “Profile: Nora”

  1. radical/rebel

    there are great ways to make the world a better place that don’t discriminate against people with “gender issues,” and instead might celebrate the differences that make us all amazing, wonderful people, not to mention that don’t support the deadly policies of the military-industrial complex. I’m much too staunch in my anti-militarism to not comment on this from your profile.

    I like your profile, and I do think you’re interesting! nice to virtually meet you. I hope that your exploration of your gender and sexuality can become a platform that opens up the world of social justice to you.



  2. chickadee

    I think your really hot. just sayin. keep up the awesomeness :)


  3. Ronen

    My goodness, you’re adorable.


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