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You can call me… Padraig, or rarely, Ari.

I identify as… I hate to use my stock response, but it amused me that “a genderqueer, polyamorous goth” so closely fit how I describe myself in most places aka: I am a polyamorous, pansexual, deeply kinky, genderqueer, switch, goth rocker with a flair for the dramatic, and sex drive like a rabbit on Viagra… :p

I operate a lot on learned male mannerisms due to not needing another reason for people to castigate me aside from being strange, fat, or a geek. Only if I am extremely comfortable with someone will I let my natural, more femme side and mannerisms show.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I just stick with he/him as I am used to it. I don’t feel they encompass me, but they don’t bother me either.

I’m attracted to… femmes of all gender presentation (yes that does mean cis, trans, CD etc…), Queer, Tall, Big & Beautiful, Geeks, Gamers, Intelligence, Thoughtful people, Goths, Therians, Vamps, etc… I am actually very open and easily connect with many people, but everything above adds to the appeal.

When people talk about me, I want them to… realize that under the big barbarian-esque exterior, I am actually a giant teddy bear and a very tender, emotional person.

I want people to understand… genderqueer can’t, and never will fit into a box or be neatly labeled and packaged.

Just because I seem to be comfortable in my own skin doesn’t mean that I am.

Just because I don’t struggle outwardly as genderqueer does not mean that I am not struggling with immense inner turmoil.

Looks are deceiving… Some see a large confident picture of masculinity, I look inside and see an insecure butch girl trying to define herself, but just not sure how.

About Padraig

I think I may have finally found my mate, she is nearly my opposing gender variant and the only person I have completely opened up to.

» Define yourself. «

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6 Responses to “Profile: Padraig”

  1. Anna

    you sound really cool.

    smiles from one with a sissy fag hiding inside the seemingly comfortable skin.


  2. Thomas

    You sound like a beautiful person, and your photo is amazing!


  3. T.V. Wilde

    I connect with the inner butch girl a lot :]

    You seem really lovely! xx


  4. radical/rebel

    thanks for saying that you may seem one thing on the surface, but that there’s a lot more going on with yr gender underneath.

    best of luck trying to find harmony between your expression and your feelings.

    radical support


  5. Sonia

    Kinksters!!!! :D


  6. Murri

    You sound so much like my husband that only the pic kept me from calling him to ask if he did a genderfork profile and forgot to mention it.

    Or to put it another way, you’re awesome.
    And I wish you lived near us.


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