Profile: Tory

You can call me… Tory.

I identify as… Gender Fluid, Androgynous, tomboy. I am physically female and don’t want to change that. My personality has a fairly even mix of masculine and feminine interests and traits.

I’m 60% feminine and 40% masculine usually, or if my mood changes, flip those around. I default on feminine mannerisms and clothes, but I have an underlying masculinity that I can’t and don’t want to deny the presence of. I look forward to exploring its depth, nurturing it.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … both female and male pronouns work for me. Stating “she” or “her” is just being factual, and using “he” or “him” is strangely flattering. I guess I like the acknowledgement of my masculinity even if I don’t ID as male physically.

I’m attracted to… strong, masculine, laid back, strong-willed, nice (and usually older) men with a heavier bear-like build. Low voices are the sexiest. I’ve been interested in women, but usually only masculine women. Even then, without a penis my body just gets turned off. I think I have more of an affinity with masculine women and confuse it for romantic attraction, maybe.

Either way, if I fall for someone I don’t expect to, I wont stop myself. I’m just outlining my preferences.

When people talk about me, I want them to… go easy on me if there are inconsistencies in my personality. And acknowledge that I am exploring myself, and to not label me before I know who I am.

I want people to understand… defining one’s gender is not a thing to be brushed off as an insignificant issue. Not even for cisgenders. It’s important in understanding ourselves at our core, and exploration is a good way to learn about ourselves. You never know what feelings and urges have been surpressed by conditioning, and even if you think you know your self, it can’t hurt to learn more.

Defining your gender is not about creating a new self (at least not for me). It’s about truly learning about and acknowledging one’s true self. I’m not changing into someone new. I’m becoming more of who I really am. I think that should be a goal for everyone.

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2 Responses to “Profile: Tory”

  1. Chris/Sian

    “I guess I like the acknowledgement of my masculinity even if I don’t ID as male physically”


    Swap masculinity for femininity and male for female in this sentence and this is me


  2. Victory

    This is almost identical to me. :D


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