Profile: Xauri ‘EL

You can call me… Xauri’EL

I identify as… at the moment, androgynous ambisexual gothic transhuman. Identity subject to change without notice. Not applicable where prohibited by law.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I more or less take what I can get; “he” and “she” make me equally uncomfortable, none of the neologisms come naturally enough for me to be OK with having people use them to refer to me (though I love using them in my writing), and I can’t stand getting in fights with people about “they” (yes, it is widely used as a third-person singular, just GET OVER IT). My preference is for the Finnish ‘han/hanet/hanen’ (how cool is it to have a language where personal pronouns are gender-neutral *by default*?) but about the only one I will not accept is “it.” (Seriously. It happened once. Not pretty.)

I’m attracted to… femmeboys, dommegirls, and anyone whose sextype I can’t immediately mark. Goths and other people living outside the socially permitted spectrum of self-expression. Knowledge, wisdom, creativity, and moxie. Also? Monogamously married to a beautiful goth femme with an attitude.

When people talk about me, I want them to… I prefer when people talk *to* me rather than *about* me. Tell the truth, check their privilege and prejudice, and take a pass on the social gamesmanship. Know what they’re talking about, and develop their own opinion instead of buying one off the rack.

I want people to understand… you are the only person who gets to define who and what you are, who lives in your body and thinks with your mind, who decides what rules to follow and when to break them, and who ultimately knows what’s best for you. Learning everything you can will allow you to act and react more effectively; allowing yourself to fall into comfortable patterns of thought is mental suicide. Challenge yourself and challenge society.

About Xauri’EL
I am a mendicant student of the arts in a life-long quest for fame and fortune, identity and meaning, or maybe just pie.

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