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Sam asks…

Anyone out there in the Genderfork Community have recommendation for doctors in California? I already have a great doctor for hormones, but I’m getting closer to wanting chest surgery. I’ve looked through the usual suspects like, but it seems the best docs on there for top surgery are on the east coast and, not being a student and without insurance that will cover this (what insurance does, sheesh), traveling and lodging would only incur more fees to those I would already be scrambling to pay. However, I have enough connections in California that I could stay most anywhere with a friend or fam, so this level of travel isn’t a problem.

Thanks and keep on keeping on.

Please post your response in the comments below.

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Posted by on February 24th, 2012 at 04:00 pm

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6 Responses to “Question: Good Doctors”

  1. Alan

    You might look up Dr. Michael Brownstein, in San Francisco.


  2. Anonymous

    Brownstein is highly recommended. I am considering him for my top surgery. His results are on transbucket. You can also check YouTube; a lot of people post their results and experiences on there.


  3. Brett Blatchley

    Sam, if you do come east to Asheville, North Carolina, you can stay with my family and me.

    Asheville has one of the nation’s largest TG populations, so we might also have folks who can help you with top surgery.


  4. XylophoneGender

    So CA is a big state. Any region that would minimize your travel? used to have some good recommendations, but I don’t think their database is back to the useful level yet.
    the genderqueerRevolution dlist is a good place to ask about this, too.


  5. XylophoneGender

    I’ve heard folks having success with the Krygers (Gil and Sol) north of LA


  6. Anonymous

    Dr Brownstein all the way. I had my surgery with him. Fantastic, fantastic results, and he’s a hilarious (and charmingly eccentric) guy.


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