Question: Where to buy androgynous clothes in the UK?

Jess asks…

I have just identified myself as asexual. I am 56 and more in touch with my masculine side I believe, than my feminine. I hate fussy, frilly clothes and even as a child I would not wear the “frillies” my friends liked.

My question is..where can I find affordable androgynous clothes in the UK? I have searched the net but so far I’ve not been too successful.

I live in East Anglia.

Thank you

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6 Responses to “Question: Where to buy androgynous clothes in the UK?”

  1. ollie

    What do you mean by ‘androgynous clothes’? I tend to stock my wardrobe from the ‘basics’ departments of mens’ sections – for this I can recommend h&m and, to a lesser extent, New Look – quality is better at h&m. Perhaps you could give some examples of the kind of thing you’re looking for and I could tailor my advice a little better? I’m in the UK and forever honing my gender-mash wardrobe!


  2. Tree

    I find the best method is that if you like the way it looks, wear it.

    Androgyny covers a broad spectrum of different styles, so it’s a bit hard to give advice based on androgyny alone.

    That being said, the above advice- men’s basics, T’s without designs, or with designs, jeans and all of that are fairly androgynous.

    I would personally like to see androgyny cover some more feminine aspects too, because an androgynous male leans towards the middle, and an adrogynous female leans towards the middle, so androgyny needs to include both.


  3. ollie

    Androgyny is an interesting concept altogether. Often when it comes to ‘beauty’, androgynous means very thin and angular, and is more often than not embodied by a white ‘female-bodied’ person wearing men’s clothes. But like you say, Tree, androgyny ought to push both ways. I like to mix it up with ‘male’ traits like a shaved head and ‘female’ traits like a dress and painted toenails – or trousers, shirt and waistcoat with striking make-up. But I doubt many people would call me ‘androgynous’ – probably more like ‘freak’ :-p


  4. Merritt

    Thanks for this comment, ollie — the popular image of “androgyny” as traditional men’s clothing on thin female-assigned people is something I’d like to complicate also.


  5. Sarah

    These clothes aren’t cheap, but here’s a cool project trying to do just that:


  6. mc

    Topman! I highly recommend it.


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