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“This is the first photo that I took after shaving my head. People need to do what makes them happy in life; and this made me more than happy. They also need to realize that beauty is not just skin deep; and this is part of my journey.”

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Posted by on May 31st, 2012 at 10:00 am

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10 Responses to “Shaved”

  1. Aida

    I am glad you dud something that makes you a happier person. When I shaved me head, my grandmother said she wuold disown me. I am still happy.


  2. Anonymous

    first thought: “boys are always concerned about their `lenght`…” I smiled and then “fuck, I want to shave my hair of too!!”

    I have people in my family who woud directly ask me “are you now one of these fat ugly lesbians, trying to get a girl since you are to unatractive for men?” Well, not word for word, but they woul mean it like that.

    So…I know we should not take our genderqueer presentation too serious, but then it is a good way to express our inner person better, so it is important. I know also that beauty has nothing to do with how long your hair is, but…others do not know that.

    I wanted to shave it all off for very long, I am still not brave enough. I am unhappy with my hair, but I know that when I shave it I will have to explain it ALL to all those stupid people. I would want to say with my short hair “look, I am a boy. I am stretching your genderrules, I am leaving your stupid binary…” and so on. But all they would understand is “ugly lesbian”. I don`t want to be put in that box by them….so, have you any experiences like that? How do you get rid of that shit?


    Anonymous replied:

    “I wanted to shave it all off for very long, I am still not brave enough. I am unhappy with my hair, but I know that when I shave it I will have to explain it ALL to all those stupid people.”

    Why should you have to explain it at all?

    I cut my hair off (not shaved but in a short guys hair cut), I wear men’s clothing, I go out clubbing in jeans and combat boots, people mistake me for a guy all the time, and I am constantly being asked by friends “Why did you do that?” or being (kindly) advised that if I would just wear a dress, or show more cleavage, or sound more feminine I wouldn’t have that “problem” anymore.

    I don’t turn around and explain to them that I am genderfluid or bi or stretching the limits of what gender you can be. Because no matter how much I talk, how many terms I use or create, none of that can truly explain me. Every person is far too unique and beautiful and multifaceted to be able to be contained in words.

    So when people question what you do in pursuit of your vision for you who are, I don’t think you need to explain what you are doing. I’ve found what works best is simply saying:

    “I did it because I wanted to. I did it because I am me.”


  3. Parenthetical Explanation

    I shaved my head about a month ago and I’ve been keeping it short ever since. It’s nice! I like the way it looks and the way it feels.

    Anon, you should do it because you want to. If anyone asks about it just shrug and tell them that you did it because you wanted to. Really, you don’t have to say any more than that. It’s a perfectly acceptable response. It’s your gender and you can explain it if you want to. Or don’t if you don’t want to. It’s completely up to you.


  4. Anonymous

    thanks, thats a good answer. I have always been a child (and then a teenager) who shrugged to all questions my so “concerned” parents asked me. So, they know me just like that. This could work, as I am known as the dreamer with all those freaky ideas in the head. But still there is some kind of….undecided feeling that keeps me from doing it. I ask myself, if I just want it to present more male…and then I think I love long hair on other people especially on men…so, why can`t I just keep my hair and feel male, as I do already? I`ll have to think a bit longer, thats the way I do everything. Maybe making a list will help as always. Maybe another night reorganizing the books in my board because the colours don`t fit…..


  5. Parenthetical Explanation

    Anon, I tend to overthink things as well, so I sort of tricked myself into getting my head shaved: When I went to the hair place, I told myself that it was just to get a trim, then I told the lady to shave it off. And she did. Just like that. I felt so happy afterwards. Relieved even. Like I’d just taken an important step forward.

    If you go through with it and don’t like it, remember that hair grows back. But you’ll never know unless you try.


    Anonymous replied:

    oh yes…that sounds like me. If I ever want to live my life by my own rules and not by waiting how others decide for me, I should start to trick myself into what I think I want. As you say, even when it feels uncomfortable, hair grows, and neraly everything can be changed again.

    I feel so stupid making such a big deal about some hair….but my big deal lies underneath the skin I have to live in and the hair is just the little part on the outside. So, I will think about tricking myself. Its so nice of you to answer and spend your thoughts on a total stranger who`s so stupid. Thanks.


  6. Lavode

    You look terrific!


  7. Skye

    Fantastic shave. You’ve got a good head shape, too! Some people aren’t so lucky. I loved it when I shaved my head for the first time. I used the excuse of donating my long hair to make a wig for cancer patients. It’s a great thing that you can tell people if they question why a “girl” would shave their head.


  8. jana

    you look great with that (little) hair!


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