Skyler Cooper

Skyler Cooper, dressed in a white muscle shirt and pinstriped dress pants.
Model is Skyler Cooper. Originally posted on

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  1. Anonymous

    You’re beautiful. :3


  2. Anonymous

    Omg, Skyler is sooo hot :O


  3. Dr. Everett G. Neasman

    Hello Skyler Cooper,

    I am Dr. Everett G. Neasman, an Asst. Professor of English at Jackson State University. Currently my pedagogical responsibilities include both undergraduate and graduate instruction in Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton, and British Literature I and II. I am working on book chapter tentatively entitled “Shakespeare’s Othello: 21st Century Paradigm Shifts and the American ‘Other’.” Here is a brief proposal:

    The proposed paper will begin with a short examination of late 20th century American racial interpretations of Othello and the critical analyses that scrutinize these nuances. Othello as a type of stock character representative of the socially ambiguous other will be discussed, followed by the role that an exclusive social order plays in the simultaneous acceptance and rejection of an individual. Then, the proposed paper will address 21st century American adaptations of Othello that augment his race, ethnicity, sex, and gender to point to current identities of social oppression, as well as a discussion paradigm shifts in literary analyses of the play. Discussion of Desdemona and other characters in relation to American social ideologies that they represent will also be included.

    I am fascinated by your fresh portrayal of Othello and wish that I could have attended the play. I am interested in your approach to the character, Othello, and your vision of the play that would enhance my analysis. I am especially interested your approach to the audience and its response to a Lesbian Othello as well as to the social ostracization of the “other.”

    If a brief interview via e-mail or by phone would work for you, please advise me accordingly.

    Thanks for your help,

    Dr. Everett G. Neasman (Everett)


  4. admire

    Wow the muscles…..very sexy ;)


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