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I am about to start my social transition! I am so excited. My mom knows that I am genderqueer, but no one else (yet). I’m hitting the thrift stores in the next week, and getting a hair cut as soon as I build up the confidence. Never be afraid to come out as who you are, okay, everyone?

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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  1. tigr

    I try =)


  2. Sasha

    Good job on deciding to transition socially and good luck! I wish I was that determined. I came out as genderqueer in August when school started (only to my friends, parents, and teachers). I pretty much asked everyone to use gender neutral pronouns e/em/eir and whatnot…. And it’s just so hard to explain and I’ve never corrected anyone (I should….) and only one of my friends actually tries. I don’t know what to do because the whole thing with being non-binary is probably really hard to understand for most of them. Most of the people I know do not conform to the stereotypes/expectations associated with their biological sex, but none of them are bothered by the label, pronouns, etc. I don’t know how to explain myself to others without going into detail about the exact things that make me uncomfortable (I don’t want to talk about them because they make me uncomfortable).


  3. Cat

    Sasha: Good for you for coming out, too! I submitted this post and I was so surprised to find it here over a week later. This reminds me that I’ve got to go back to the thrift store soon to find more clothing to wear, as well as think more about what pronouns to use.


  4. Sasha

    Pronouns… I don’t know what to do with those because it bugs me when people use she (although I did develop a detachtment of a sort, it’s still not cool, and it’s even worse when I get ma’am’ed and people use words such as young lady, girl, sweetie, honey, and… GOOD GIRL (sorry but im going to go on a little rant about that. i was getting my braces fixed and my orthodontist had a new assistant and she talked to me non-stop (open wide, hold still, can you hold this for me?) and every sentence was accompanied by the word HONEY/HON. and three times she actually said GOOD GIRL when i did what she asked me to do. i am not her freaking dog! sorry, i’m just extremely pissed). going back to the whole thing with bronouns, i am uncomfortable with the female pronouns and i absolutely hate all the words associated with women, such as lady, girl, chick, ma’am, DUDETTE (c’mon, dude is gender-neutral enough, you don’t have to shove my “gender” in my face), and all the “nice things” (sweetie,, honey, etc.) that i get called exclusively because i am faab. all of that makes me really irritated, but i don’t know how to explain myself. i’d like to be out to everyone, but most people are unwilling to understand how someone can be uncomfortable with their assigned sex, and especially how anyone could be outside of the binary. i also don’t know how to explain to people what my pronouns are and i just don’t have the guts to correct them if they use she (how could i expect them to devote so much effort to me?). i am sorry for getting off topic, but i just had to share my frustrations with the world… if theres anything that you’re doing that’s working better for you, please tell me what it is. oh, i think i got one. i started presenting exclusively masculine months before i came out, so people did not get the message that something is different.

    once again sorry for ranting and good luck with pronouns!


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