Something right

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“I don’t think I’m masculine enough. I don’t think I’m feminine enough. I definitely don’t think I’m attractive enough. I just wish I were doing something right.”

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Posted by on October 7th, 2012 at 10:00 am

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7 Responses to “Something right”

  1. Mullsy

    you’re doing YOU right. whatever combination of masculine/feminine, it’s the perfect amount for you.


  2. Jesse

    Masculine, feminine, attractive enough… for whom?

    What are these things for? Evolutionarily, for procreation, I suspect, but I am not defined by my procreation, because I have many more facets – ergo I am a human being.


  3. Anonymous

    Love yourself and try to remember and smile. I’m sure you are doing lots of things right. You seem like a beautiful human being to me.


  4. Leigh

    I talked with a friend last night about my struggle with my identity. I’m female, God made me that way and I have a tender heart for females who are the same as me. I also know that you are a beautiful person :) God made you just the way you are and you are no less of a person because you struggle. You are loved!


  5. Anonymous

    You being you, now that’s doing something right!


  6. anteros

    you are most attractive, as your genuine self.


    Jesse replied:

    That is most certainly true. Own the moment, sweep me off my feet and as our lips meet, I would surrender myself to you – and in that time no one would ever think you not-masculine and no one would ever feel you were unattractive. It is our actions as much as our words that create context for what our eyes perceive.


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