Why Would I Limit Myself?

Someone wrote…

I’m pretty sure gender doesn’t exist anyway, so why would I limit myself by saying I am only am one gender and I only like one (or two) genders when there are so many!?

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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5 Responses to “Why Would I Limit Myself?”

  1. Sophie

    Yes! this is exactly my view. I don’t necessarily disagree with my assigned gender, I just think it’s stupid to be restricted by a strange choice I didn’t make.


  2. Dezu

    Weellll, although gender is largely a social construct, people’s experiences with it and identities through it are very real, so saying gender doesn’t exist could be hurtful to them. Tread lightly?


  3. cazza

    Totally agree ‘sex’ may exist but not gender.
    I understand what you are saying Dezu however a lot of the negative experiences are due to the social constructs. I don’t think I’m ever met a trans person that hasn’t felt the largest issue is the way others see them and the roles and activity’s assigned to them, yes there is more too it than that but if the construct of what is female and what is male etc didn’t exist and if science actually focuses and catches up, do you still think anyone would have any dramas?


    Dezu replied:

    Potentially, yes. There would be a lot less heteronormative hate speech about “sissy boys” or “dykish girls,” so gender expression would be in the clear for drama. However, being free to express your gender as you will doesn’t necessarily mean your, erm, “tackle” matches your brains. That would still be an issue, and people may experience internal- or external- drama regarding that.
    Additionally, sex isn’t a thing that “may” exist. It straight up exists- all you have to do is strip down and look in a mirror to confirm that. It does not, however, exist in as narrow terms as our society defines it, in the binary of male and female. :P


    Dezu replied:

    Actually I’d like to apologize for that last paragraph. I’ve been reading and thinking about things, and have started to question my own definition of physical sex.


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