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Free and full of possibility

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I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever figure my sexuality out. I know that in contrast to the blindly-accepted binary, I am free and full of possibility — but some days, I just want to know what I want so I can get it. Maybe my ambiguity would taste better if it wasn’t my only option.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Fluttering Butterfly

Submitted by Yi, the model.

“The Chinese proverb ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ refers to the mysteries that lie beneath the surface of an otherwise normal-looking individual… but I don’t like tigers and dragons. I find butterflies pretty and it’s not a mystery, and I refuse to be a normal-looking individual.”

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Recommendation: LeRoi Prince

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A person with short black hair in a gray suit stands in front of the Barbie aisle of a toy store. In the left hand they hold a box with Ken, and with the right hand they touch their (glued-on?) moustache.

LeRoi Prince
a drag king

Check out this genderfabulous performer: “LeRoi Prince is a dancer and entertainer whose playful flirtatiousness and equal-opportunity lechery make gender irrelevant and bring a sense of fun and class to the world of gender performance.” I like his Tumblr bio too: “LeRoi Prince has been strutting his stuff with swagger and class since 2007, leaving a trail of broken hearts and confused sexualities in his wake.”

It looks like he just started his Tumblr but I can’t get over the pictures. He has videos and albums up on Facebook too. If you’re in NYC you should check him out live. Amazing gender-busting drag for the win!

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