A Call for Volunteers (and Genderplayful 2.0)

Dearest most fabulous Genderforkers,

Can you believe that Genderfork has been running for six whole years? During this time we’ve published over 4,500 blog posts here — each one representing a unique and lovable human experience that breaks down the restrictive walls of gender norms. When I started this project, I was hoping to find a few dozen people that I could identify with and be myself around. I had no idea we were everywhere!

Well, as time keeps rolling forward, so do we, and I want to let you know about two things:

1) We’re Ready For Some More Volunteers!

Have you always loved Genderfork and wanted to help? Now’s a really good time to tell us about it. Genderfork volunteers contribute a few hours a week, and work to help us maintain a diverse and affirming feed of community content.

If you’d like to be a volunteer, just fill out the form and let us know what you’re interested in. We can’t wait to hear from you!

And that brings us to the second topic (which is also ready for more volunteers)….

2) We’d Like You to Meet the New Genderplayful!

For the last few years, a bunch of us have been collaborating on a second web project, Genderplayful. The goal of Genderplayful is to help solve the kinds of wardrobe problems we hear about so often here at Genderfork: “the clothes we want to wear don’t fit our bodies!

Initially, this project was a marketplace for people to sell clothing to one another, but for a bunch of reasons, that plan didn’t really work out. Now we’re reopening Genderplayful as a community blog (much like this one) for people to share tips, advice, vendors, inspiration, and solutions.

We invite you to take a look around at genderplayful.com. Please help us get it rolling by contributing some content, and again, there’s lots of room for new¬†volunteers.

Thank you all SO MUCH for working together to build such a strong community resource here at Genderfork. You’ve helped more people than you can imagine, and there is so much more to come.

The biggest hugs,

Sarah Dopp
founder of Genderfork

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