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I am tired of being gendered as a binary gender. This androgyne is tired of being in a binary world. My relationship is viewed as “lesbian” when it’s actually two androgynes (what would that be called?). But I’m too young to move out of the Bible Belt. So yeah.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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5 Responses to “Androgynes”

  1. Jack

    I know, I get your tiredness with having to teach /be invisible from the world. But it is kind of fun being on the cutting edge of language. On my stronger days I quite like being an enigma, but on the others I just feel invisible. I do wish we could all just be labelled “people” and be done with it!


    Elle replied:

    Agree with the cutting edge of language comment. Any ideas or suggestions about a good term for an androgynous relationship? I know, I know, there are some general terms we can use, but I want something new and special. Why not?


  2. Able

    My ex and I couldn’t seem to come up with something gender neutral aside from partner, so we just ended up calling each other sweethearts. E.g. “This is my sweetheart_______.” Even that wasn’t fully satisfying. It was so tough to figure out! My boo? Lover didn’t sound right for some reason.


  3. Able

    or sweetie for short.


  4. Adrian Riley

    Yeah. I’ve only dated women, so I’ve gotten this a lot. Also very much relate to your frustration.

    On language: I guess this is one place where being poly is actually quite convenient, since you can refer to your primary or secondary partner regardless of gender. Technically “partner” is gender-neutral, but it’s used by LGB people in same-gender relationships a lot, so it probably wouldn’t get across what you’re trying to say. One of my (monogamish) exes used the term “personfriend” pretty successfully when I was dating her, so that might work? That one’s going to depend on who you’re talking to, and I imagine it would have limited success in the Bible Belt. In any case, good luck and stay strong.


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