Don’t ever judge a book by its cover

Submitted by Natasha Rose Texidor, the photographer.

“I serve for the United States Army. I am always being judged whether I am in uniform or out of uniform, but no matter what I am a woman, a strong woman. My outside intimidates people. They fear what they don’t understand, but I am a gentle human being who loves and never judges a book by its cover.”

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Posted by on February 20th, 2013 at 10:00 am

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7 Responses to “Don’t ever judge a book by its cover”

  1. Lane

    You are absolutely beautiful


  2. Astrid

    You are positively beautiful!!! ^.^


  3. Ikura

    It’s such a shame to hear people react that way. I think you’re stunning!


  4. Sky

    Honestly, at first sight I thought you were a man and I thougt: Great, a (androgynous?) man in the army (!) who has the guts to be himself in a macho environment…But now i guess you are born as a woman and I still think you’r beatifull (and attractive !) and have a lot of guts but somehow I have the feeling that (for the general public”- not for me, or you- (!) It is considerd ‘more accepted’ for a person born as ‘a girl’ to be “androgyn” to wear ‘man’s clothes and act like ‘a man’ then it is for a natural born man to do ‘girl’s stuff’…Ok, so far the general public…(that still seems to think a man is ‘higher’ then a woman so it seems by this..)
    That’s something that we we know..
    But if it goes between “people like us” let’s say androgynous people…I still wonder if people that are born as girls (people like you..I think!) also feel attractive to let’s say androgynous men..’Cause sometimes it seems that they don’t and that would only confirm the feeling that androgynous men are lower on the social or attractive ladder then androgynous girls for obvious reasons that we still live in a men’s world were it is sexy for a girl to act like ‘a man’ but were it is considerd weak and not sexy (unless gay maybe) for a man to act like a girl…
    What would definetly confirm the patriarch society, not only for “the general public” but also for us..anyway you get the point of my (long) question..and I still consider the possibility that you are in fact a man and not a girl…pff things can definetly be complicated sometimes…phew


    Anonymous replied:

    Will see I may look like a male but I am extremely girly, nor do I wear manly clothing. I do not protray myself as a man I am Very Very much a Lady than a man. The look I have for myself to me its more about art and sexuality than being gender. My own reasons why I am who and I look the way I look. In the military I fight for Women Rights, I am SGT I defiantly do not Protray a Male figure in the military. I understand why you would assume, but your not the first and probably won’t be the last to think that way. I am Very MUCH A WOMAN than A MAN


  5. Sky

    I wasn’ t sober when I wrote the previous comment, I’m sorry for that…


  6. Davina

    You look like a strong woman and I bet you don’t take any cr** from anyone. I respect you for being true to yourself. And I’m saying this even though my own self-image is totally different to yours.


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