Every strand

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I’d like to be loud about my queerness, I’d like for it to show through every strand of hair, garment, posture, without a doubt. I’d like to be read as androgyne. But right now it’s mostly silence, forgery and confusion.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

Posted by on August 22nd, 2013 at 08:00 am

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6 Responses to “Every strand”

  1. maia

    you know what? it’s as if i had written this.. i’m not the only one. <3


  2. Kristian

    This is so awesome! I think it rings true with a lot of us, because sometimes we just want to shout “I’m queer and I’m here!” but we can’t.


  3. Zoey

    Right now I just want to tell everybody. I want to tell everybody how much I dislike my name and everything that keeps me to a certain identity. But I’m so scared I won’t have any sort of backing going into university in a month. I’m so scared I won’t have a future at all. And this might sound awful, but this post gives me hope. People just need to prevail, and it will be okay in the end. You’re awesome, and that will shine through. And now I sound like the biggest hippie ever c:


  4. Anonymous

    Right now I wish I could just tell someone who knows something about these identities that I’m genderfluid or genderqueer or queer. Although I don’t think anyone should have to define themselves in negative terms, I’d be happy enough if I could even say I’m non-binary or not-straight, which nobody should be able to deny.

    Yes it shouldn’t be about identities and I try to use stories and situations and if possible humour to let people try to understand who I am. I’m probably way too optimistic in this, but no-one queer or otherwise ever follows up and asks whether I have a different identity from what they assumed.

    The queer people I know locally have more LGBT identities and I think they probably expected me to have said something as soon as we met or else not at all. I’ve been questioning my gender since I was 9, just didn’t have the kind of ‘instruction manual’ to be able to name it and ‘come out’ until the last few years (which is why this site is so great). I really fear looking to LGBT people like I’m doing this as a recent ‘pose’ or whatever or to try to include myself in their group.

    But it would be so good to be able to simply say my queer identity to someone and even just have them say ‘I believe you’. At least being here is kind of close.


  5. epistemicmurk

    God this site is great.


  6. Anonymous

    ugh, yes. One day I’d like to let my genderqueerness shine through, but for now, I can’t afford to do so. At least we aren’t alone.


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