I love who I am

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i’m worried, worried that people won’t believe me and will never understand when I try to explain to them this lovely state of ambiguity and fluidity. That i will be mocked for hopping on some new age LBGTQA bandwagon, because supposedly this generation thinks it’s “cool”. Well it is cool, it’s freaking awesome and I love who I am, but I have always been this way and it is not a novel passing phase.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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2 Responses to “I love who I am”

  1. Wiley

    Argh. I definitely know how you feel. The thing is, people just need to settle down, (or maybe get worked up…whatever works), and be more accepting of trans* identities. I think a lot of this trouble about people being either scared to identify as anything because they’ll be seen as “posers” or “trans-trenders,” (or other people identifying as something just for the novelty and not taking it seriously), arises from our society having such a huge taboo laid on being trans*. If we were more laid back about people identifying as such, we might be more ok with people questioning their identities…and we might not place so much attention on being trans*. There would be more freedom to explore as well as less of an incentive for people to use it as a device to garner attention.

    Attention-seekers will always latch onto something, of course…so I don’t know that the above would really change anything. These are just my thoughts. If you are really sincere and you don’t care what others think of you, (within reason: take care of your personal safety), then it shouldn’t matter what you identify as. It’s like what your IQ is, or what your skin color is. These things are heavily loaded topics in our society, but they shouldn’t determine a person’s worth. It’s just another minor facet of your identity.


  2. davidbare

    Hi.. i have just found this site after many years of searching….(long story another time..) Darling they will never understand… there was alovely post earlier which I cant find again… it said… ‘I am not male, I am not female, I am something you will never understand! That says it all and you must run /fly with that… we who are wonderful people lucky enough to have both genders peacefully coexisting within our selves must set an example to the rest of the world that such coexistance is possible here and now… I firmly believe we are ‘the next level’ of humanity and our time to speak is now! I have also ‘always been this way’ and now I’m coming home… we are the butterflys that have morphed from caterpillars… No they wont understand until we we show/teach them the truth.. Be free, you are beautiful just as you are … be strong… be both when each is appropriate… we all have a lot of work to do. xoxoxo <3


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