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I love your positive attitude – especially towards all those “in betweens” like I am. I’m a girlfag. I know many people don’t like the term as it is. I’m not that happy with it myself… but it was coined in the 1980s – and well, at least it gave me a term to describe myself.

When I came out as a girlfag I realized just how much hate there was because I was “too queer” or “not queer enough”. People said “I must call myself transsexual” or I’m just a “heterosexual pervert” and so on and so on. It pulled me down a lot that people could hate so much on someone who was just so happy to have finally found out what was going on with him_her.

So I’m happy to see a positive haven on here :) Stay open and great. :)

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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8 Responses to “Positivity”

  1. Baba O'Riley

    >“too queer” or “not queer enough”

    Yep, that sounds familiar!

    I’m also thrilled to see such a positive haven of uniqueness and diversity here :-)


  2. Thomas

    The positivity is the main reason I keep coming back. I love the atmosphere around here.


  3. Skye

    If I had a penny for every time someone told me I wasn’t “trans enough”, I’d have at least $4,000 by now! I never understood what “trans enough” is! Perhaps there’s some sort of rule book circulating that I didn’t receive a copy of when I came out of the closet 3 years ago! I don’t pay attention to the “not —- enough” crowd because those statements can be very hurtful and damaging! Acceptance, respect, and tolerance is what this world needs–not judgmental people who make rules that determine what is “enough”!


  4. Baba O'Riley

    Just being who you are should *always* be enough!!!


    Skye replied:

    I should be enough to be who you are! It’s not like that in the world. Except on this website!


  5. Anonymous

    ‘I should be enough to be who you are! It’s not like that in the world. Except on this website!’

    Yes! That kind of sums it up. Another year and I’m so grateful this website is still here and such a positive place. Its uniqueness means there’s still a way to go though.

    — a regular anonymous poster


  6. Anonymous

    Every February my local city hall in the UK flies the rainbow flag for LGBT History Month from its only rooftop flagpole. This is obviously pretty great and I live in a city which has had some of the first openly trans* mayors and elected representatives.

    But as I look up and see the flag way up four storeys above my head, it feels like there’s a sign there like you have at a fairground ride, saying ‘You must be at least *this* LGBT’ to claim this identity for yourself and feel part of this celebration. If we can have LGBT History Month, when is it ‘Queer Future Hour’ I sometimes think to myself?


  7. XylophoneGender

    Aw shucks, you all. We’re so glad that so many of you show up here to be positive. Thanks for believing in the cause :)


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