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You can call me… Eli.

I identify as… human, man! ;) I’m genderfluid, I suppose you could say. I’m neutral, I’m androgynous. It all sounds so pompous, oh dear… :P

I have days when I kinda want to wear skirts and look really pretty, or what ever, and then some days I wake up and want nobody even to notice that I have breasts. It goes this way and that, the feeling of who I am in terms of gender, but…that’s okay. I’ve learnt, through living, that you don’t even have to HAVE a specific or a set gender, and I’m so happy knowing now I can do it my way. No matter what others say, because, hey. Y’all ain’t me, sunny Jim. :P Hahaha.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I’ve grown up with “she,” so that’s fine, I mean. I don’t mind too much being called feminine pronouns. Again, sometimes I prefer he, sometimes she. If there was a neutral term which wasn’t so objectifying (“it”), perhaps I’d prefer that. I’ll always remember this two-hour-long episode of Futurama, where the giant invading purple tentacle monster was called by “Schklee,” I think, to call Schklee by Schkler omni-sex self. I think that’s pretty funny, and cool. xD :D. :P

I’m attracted to… men and women, but it depends. Generally, I prefer boys (especially in relationships), but I AM attracted to women. I suppose I’m still only figuring it out, because … well, uh, I haven’t been with a whole load of people, hahaha. I really like androgynous people sometimes … I just like somebody if they’re attractive, you know. Attractive on whatever level. :D

When people talk about me, I want them to… I don’t know, like me? Not even NOTICE a gender; not even notice a genderless-ness. To be completely comfortable. I don’t mind if they are confused or whatever. I’m usually pretty feminine-looking; I’m working on the androgyny and on the masculinity and the what-such, but I dunno, yeah. To just – whatever I do look like – disregard gender. ‘Cause that’s sorta what I wanna do.

I want people to understand… Well, just that. I want people to understand. I want them to understand. The thing here on the sidebar says “most people don’t fit gender norms…” which is SO true! Gender norms are horrid, in a way. Down with conformity! Hahaha. But, yeah. To just be free. I want people to understand that it’s no big deal. Gender IS quite an important thing, but I just want people to understand that gender is no big deal. I really, really do. :)

About Eli
I’m a wonderful loser.

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4 Responses to “Profile: Eli”

  1. David Arnn

    Good Beautiful Day Eli.

    today you can be you
    today I can be me
    today we flow with grace
    today we are fluid beings

    I understand.



  2. Jacqueline


    Here in support! I identify as genderqueer/genderfluid, and I use ‘he’, ‘she’, and ‘they’ for pronouns. There are also more gender neutral pronouns to choose from:


  3. kate

    thanks for that eli…..feels good to read somebody who fits my own jelly like mould :) its the fluidity of gender that i like too. just bein yourself in each moment and not really thinkin bout the external response, just love and laughter and good friends. with peas. x


  4. Skye

    It’s hard for me to not be affected by people when they say they’re a loser. Unless they mean it as a tongue-in-cheek way or as a term of endearment.


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