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You can call me… Elliot or EJ, depending on what my gender is doing that way. Pick one you prefer, I won’t mind.

I identify as… a transmasculine, bigender, agender, genderless, very queer asexual goth-hipster.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … he/him/his or ey/em… Well any gender-neutral pronouns but ey/em are my preference. “He” for when I’m feeling like a complete lad, ey/em for when I feel too good for your gender boundaries.

I’m attracted to… no one, I’m what they call asexual. Well, more or less. I’ll occasionally crave sex or indulge in it, but it’s very rare and it’s not at a specfic person. Technically I’m on the asexual spectrum and I’m grey-asexual, but often I’ll just refer to myself as asexual due to me never really experiencing sexual attraction.

Now for romantically, I’m sort of greyandroromantic (I romantically like masculinity but only very occasionally). I don’t experience infatuation or crushes, I just fall head over heals in love with someone on the masculinity side of the gender spectrum occasionally.

That being said, I think about 90% of people are cute and adorable. Gender-non-comforming men, non-binary folk, boys with long hair, girls with short hair, girls with bright hair, body mods, people who are adorably dorky, people with tattoos and piercings, short guys, tall guys, short girls, tall girls. I just think every outcast of any description is beautiful.

Basically~ I like adorable, dorky intelligent people who can be my non-repressive romantic interest who respects my occasional boundaries. Quite specific? Good job I managed to find it then.

When people talk about me, I want them to… be respectful, realise that how they treat other people who don’t quite fit sexuality or genderwise can effect me, realise not everyone fits into a binary gender or sexuality. Accept not everyone is interested in romance and sex (at least, not most of the time) and also realise that if they want to ask me questions about my identity that’s just fine (I’ll happily answer anything as long as it’s respectful). I just wish they’d avoid assumptions about me.

I want people to understand… how many people don’t fit into the gender-binary, how many people aren’t sexuals or romantics, I don’t care if people make mistakes… As long as they are polite and respectful about it.

About Elliot or EJ, depending on what my gender is doing that way. Pick one you prefer, I won’t mind which.
I go by Elliot most of the time. I’m a writer, working up to the professional level piece by piece. I’m fairly passionate about reading and try to keep an open mind about everything. I’m pretty much at home in a dusty library, with a cat and a cup of cocoa. Also, rooftops. I also like cuddling people platonically on rainy days.

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  1. Callista

    Yay for another ace! I get what you say about practically everybody being cute and adorable in some way. I never really understood why people thought that only movie-star pretty qualified as beauty. There’s just so much more to human beings than that, personality as well as looks.

    It’s like cats… Each cat is a work of art. They’re all beautiful no matter what they look like. People are like that, too, only we’ve gotten too narrow an idea of what the ideal is supposed to be.


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