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You can call me… J, I guess … I get new nickname wherever I go.

I identify as… male, but I’m supposed to be FTM, but never feel like that. Just cuz my body used to be 100% female doesn’t mean I’m female too. I’m just another human being, and that’s about it, really.

I’m First Nation from northern Canada and an Alaskan native. Had top surgery, and I hope one day to get bottom surgery, but I’m broke right now and it looks like it’s gonna be the way for loooooooong time cuz I can’t really work. Always been male and thought everyone else felt so awful inside like me when I was growing up. Hopeful to get bottom surgery sooner rather than later. ;)

As far as third-person pronouns go, … he/him/his – no exceptions.

I’m attracted to… someone who will actually go on date with me and have a sexual relationship and not turn around and treat me like shit cuz of my body! I used to work in sex trade, and that was the only kind of relationship I ever had where I wasn’t threatened afterward. Most “normal” people I try to date just in end threats to out me or threats to my life. Would just be nice have a decent sexual relationship with someone that I can be close to. I have gone out with men, women, gay guys, bi etc. I don’t know what my orientation is and I don’t care!!!!!!!!! People have real hard time with that, but honestly one day I hope to find the right person, get married and move up north. Run trap line out in the bush and live off the grid. That’s my dream. No kids though, I’ll stick to being an uncle or a godfather. ;)

When people talk about me, I want them to… just be decent with me. Know I have FASD (fetal alcohol syndrome disorder) and developmental delay. Also sometimes I don’t understand everything people say and my memory can be real bad. Try real hard but my brain just sucks sometimes. Just be nice and not be rude to me or make fun of me. Make it so we can laugh. I love to make people laugh, I do it all the time. Also don’t be a racist prick.

I want people to understand… I’m happy just as male, don’t want to be known as FTM, but just wanna be able to have normal sexual relationships and be happy with a partner. Also, I have disabilities, so I don’t act like a regular person. Hate being discriminated against by people cuz of disability an/or body. I want to try to have physical relationships.

My culture is also real important to me. I’m First Nation from Canada, and culture is very important to me in what I do every single day. Proud of my culture and what I do. Pretty easy going kinda guy, love to make people laugh and have a good time. Don’t do drugs or drink no more, was an addict over 10 years to hard drugs and alcoholic for two. Never wanna go back to that hell.

I’m a very spirit-driven person, mostly got to do with my culture. I love to do that work with my culture cuz it helps me get through the day. Any chance I get I go swimming, doesn’t matter what the temperature of the water is. You can’t stop me from going swimming. I swim all year, even when there’s a few feet of snow on the ground! I don’t have family, was put in foster care when I was a kid, and family don’t want nothing to do with me no more and that’s not gonna change soon. They’re mostly just junkies and drunks anyways. That’s about all I can think of anyways…sorry if I don’t write so good.

About J
21/male/First Nation/Canada
I started my transition when was 13 and I don’t live out at all. And that’s the way I like it. ;) Still like to be involved with people who accept me for me and don’t judge me based on who I am cuz I can’t change that. I am the way I was made by my creator to be. Love talking and writing to people that I can be honest with just for fun.

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12 Responses to “Profile: J”

  1. N

    I can’t say anything important in front of your story except: I see you, I hear you, and wherever and whoever you are, I love you.

    You are so strong to have gone out of the hell of addiction, out of the hell of the foster system, moving away from abuse and disrespect, and going towards peace. You can be proud.
    I am very admirative of your attachment to your culture and the fact that it’s such large part of your life, as a white Québécoise. That’s powerful and beautiful.

    I wish you lots of swimming, however cold it might be.


  2. Aida Elias

    I went once to the north and it was a wonderful place. I swam in the cold freezing water. I really miss that, because I am no longer in the north.

    I hope that you are happy right now, maybe swimming.

    You mention you love to write to people. I love to write too. Maybe we can write to each other. I am a genderqueer person who loves the north.

    Well, hope to hear from you.


  3. Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing your story. I wish you all the best.


  4. j

    For me culture is wat I believe cuz it the only thing that ever made difference it got me away from drinkin druggin wen nothin else could. Thank u all 4 writin somethin back cuz most ppl won’t say nothin


  5. jodi r


    Im a girl, i understand you. Id like to be able to tell you all about me. Please are we able to communicate by other means.

    I think your amazing.


  6. jodi r

    Can we exchange emails.


  7. j

    Yea, dunno were ican post wihout evryone gettin tho


  8. jodi r

    Would it be easier if i just openly gave you my email addy on here?


  9. jodi r


    For you, my email addy:

    Write away, id be honoured :-)


  10. jodi r

    I have lots to tell you

    You might be amazed how similar we are.


  11. j

    Ok thanks ill send u email now


  12. jodi r

    My email on my phone deleted the messages …

    Look forward to hearing from you again J.


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