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You can call me… Risa.

I identify as… female to those who need a category, which is convenient sometimes – I need clothes that fit and doctors and gym instructors to know how my body works or is shaped – but I hate to be confined to the boundaries often associated with gender and sex.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I wish they weren’t gendered. I’ve gotten used to living with “she,” but it would be awesome to be acknowledged as “he” once in a while. I like the concept of using those neutral pronouns, but honestly they just sound weird to me.

I’m attracted to… men who look good dressed up like a girl; women like Amelie Mauresmo.

When people talk about me, I want them to… be interested in who I am and not shy away just because I am different. Also, not to hold static assumptions.

I want people to understand… I am not a bad person!! I like being honest about who I am and what I like, and I wish other people would appreciate that.

About Risa
I love playing sports and going to the gym. I also like writing songs and wish I had the inspiration to write a hundred of them. I am bilingual and bicultural, sometimes socially awkward and occasionally feel romantically impaired, but want to change the world and make it a better place someday.

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3 Responses to “Profile: Risa”

  1. Kailor

    I would have to second the gender-neutral pronoun thing. I like the idea, but it just doesn’t fit/sound a bit weird to me personally. Although, I don’t feel “he” or “she” fits either, so I’m kind of at a loss for my preferred pronouns.


    Callista replied:

    What about just asking people to use your name? It sounds a tad redundant but it’s better than being squished into uncomfortable genderboxes.


  2. Anonymous

    Risa, you sound like a top-notch sort of person :)


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