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You can call me… Sam, Sammy, Sam-o, Birdie, Owl.

I identify as… feminine feeling, masculine dressing boy. There’s a girl in there too who sometimes makes an appearance. A boy in a (fe)male body. Because it’s me that makes it male.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I’ll answer to “she” by reflex, but “he” always makes me smile.

I’m attracted to… feminine boys. Masculine boys. Genderfluid boys I can mix and match the gender roles with. Bravery and ethics. Eyes that steal my attention. And a good, caring heart.

When people talk about me, I want them to… think I’m a nice person. Laugh about me in a good humored way where I could laugh with them. All while using the correct pronouns.

I want people to understand… I’ve only changed for the better since coming out. My self-esteem and self-worth has never been so priceless. But it’s still hard for me. Getting misgendered is difficult to swallow and smile through. But I also understand it’s difficult for others watching me go through this. For me, gender is a constant changing thing. I’m never one thing all the time. And just because I’m Sam now on the outside, doesn’t mean I stopped being Stephanie on the inside.

About Sam, Sammy, Sam-o, Birdie, Owl.
I’m a 23 year old author of my first LGBTQ book Parker. One of many in a series of sorts. I’m going to film school next year to write movies for the future. I’m bringing our stories and lives to written word and screen. I’m passionate about writing LGBTQ stories because it’s too important not to share. My hero and inspiration is Dustin Lance Black. I found love in a human when I thought I was unlovable. I’m a vegetarian and believe in God. I’m a whole mess of things I’m learning to love about myself.

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2 Responses to “Profile: Sam”

  1. Skye

    It’s cool that you want to be a filmmaker! The LGBT community sure needs more filmmakers to tell our stories–especially stories about gender fluid, non-binary, agender folks! Not enough books/films on us! I write constantly, and would love to get a book published about my experiences in the trans community. One day.


  2. radical/rebel

    yay! I love this profile! I am also a vegetarian who believes in God! I am also a femme-y boy (mostly). thanks for sharing, sam!

    radical genders, radical laughter


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