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You can call me… Snack.

I identify as… genderqueer, maybe. Might be agendered. Definitely non-binary. Pansexual, polyamorous in a (so far) monogamous relationship, goth/seapunk.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … anything! Never been referred to as he/him, but wouldnt be opposed to it. People use she/her for me because it’s easiest.

I’m attracted to… my boyfriend, mainly, but I also like dapper guys and artistic girls. Gentle, thoughtful personalities and intelligence.

When people talk about me, I want them to… talk about my personality or a time where I helped them feel strong or accepted. If they talk about my looks, that’s ok too, but my mind is what I want to be proud of.

I want people to understand… gender is not a cut and dry thing, and when someone is genuinely confused about it, don’t get mad! Anger pushes people away. When you say something that is offensive, you should apologize, but you should be met with understanding and explanations, not a bunch of yelling. It is everyone’s responsibility to make the world a more accepting place – those who know must teach, and those who don’t know must be willing to learn.

About Snack
I love to learn. I have a lot of anxieties, and I am working on getting over them or learning to live with them. I love books and reading, and I love music. Conflict is my biggest fear.

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4 Responses to “Profile: Snack”

  1. David Arnn

    Thank you for sharing.


    ps. Good last paragraph!


  2. Anonymous

    trouble is those who don´t know mostly think they know and refuse to learn…
    You seem to know AND to be willing to learn more, thats great!

    And I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!!!! How did you get the colour like that? I mean..I tried green sometimes, but I always ended up looking like a frog…you look great!


  3. Taylor

    Skyrim in Sephora + Color Coordination + Green == Awesome

    In my experience conflict is a game that requires two players, thus it is pretty easy to avoid. Refuse to play the game. Be tolerant in the face of intolerance. Respond to anger with gentleness rather than defensiveness or avoidance.

    Be open minded. Don’t assume that it is your job to teach and another to learn; that is a closed, offensive position which will invite conflict and keep you from being able to connect others who view things differently. True openness is unexpected and surprisingly disarming.



  4. Anonymous

    Thank you!
    For the hair thing and these nice words.


    I have to say it again…I want to have sex with your hair….


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