Question: Androphilic terminology

Wiley asks…

Does anyone know of an androphilic version of the gender identity “boi?” I know that the identity is rather unique to the lesbian and transmasculine community, and that desire is a fairly integral part of the identity, so I’m not even sure this word would have such a cousin. I was just wondering if there is an androphilic counter part floating around which I haven’t heard of.

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Posted by on April 9th, 2013 at 08:00 am

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  1. cbs

    I’m honestly not even sure what you’re asking for; if you’re talking a kind of young/androgynous-to-masculine expression paired with an attraction to… bears, I guess? then it seems boi (again)/boy/twink all seem to cover that kind of ground.

    If you’re talking a feminine-of-centre gender expression paired with gay-male-based sexuality then fem seems closest, though you also start to get into some areas of crossdresser-ness as well. I’m not 100% sure I’ve caught the gist of the original question though. Maybe you could describe what you mean in absolute terms instead of ‘like this but the opposite’?


  2. Anonymous

    I have a friend who is MAAB who uses boi. I am FAAB and identify as a transguy, transmasculine, and as a boi. Even though we both ID as bois, our reasons for doing so are different and our expressions are very different. But in your case, gurl might work. I would say grrrl but that seems to be more connected to the riot grrrl movement.


  3. Wiley

    Yeah…sorry if I wasn’t very clear. I guess I was wondering what would one would call someone who was androphilic and transmasculine but not entirely male? I guess one could always go with a longer description, but I was wondering if there was a nice concise word which would work here. Obviously language is flexible, and I get the impression from the comments here that maybe boi would work, or some of the other suggestions you guys have suggested…I just always am weary of taking labels which might have different connotations to other folks. Thank you for the input!


  4. Kris Korz

    I think boi is fine for an androphile if you connect with the term. It’s not limited to lesbians. In the BDSM community, a lot of female submissive, male dominant couples identify as a Daddy/boi relationship. So there’s a variety of meanings attached to the term, not just lesbian.


  5. Wiley

    Interesting to know! Thanks!


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