Question: What’s the dress you wish existed?

Velebita asks…

Most androgynous clothing skews towards the masculine. I’m trying to work out some new ways to go in the other direction (I’m a designer working on a fashion collection/art project.) Specifically, if you have or have wanted to shift towards a more feminine presentation, what would the perfect garment look like?

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8 Responses to “Question: What’s the dress you wish existed?”

  1. Anonymous

    A very structured sheath dress. In grays, a whole crap load of colored grays :)


  2. anonymouse

    the perfect garment for shifting towards a feminine presentation depends alot on your individual body shape..

    but in general the best results come from drop-waist a-line skirts with detailing at the waist/hip area to make the hips appear wider, or panel skirts with contrast sides can be very effective for this also

    for the top, fitted but not too tight and with a wide square neck, scoop neck or even boat neck. short or 3/4 sleeves, not too much detailing in the top


  3. Anonymous

    Pockets! Whimsical in appearance, but with practical pockets?


  4. Just Be'in Me

    Polyester silky blouse with a collar and 3/4 length sleeves over a tank top with a bit of lace to add some feminity. Add to that a knee length skirt and sheer panty hose with a mid-heel pump and you’ve got a winner.


  5. Anonymous

    Something that would compliment a persons waist, even though they wouldn’t naturally have the normal female waist. It’d also be nice if it looked as good without breasts as it would with them.


  6. Girl with a Hoop

    A lot of things I really like and would consider buying have princess seams and/or darts to accentuate anatomical features that I don’t (and don’t plan to) possess. I cannot tell you how many times I have fallen in love with something on some site like ASOS only to see the close up and realise that it has a fitted bust. I’m not going to stuff my shirt. I like really girly types of things, pretty stuff. If I could find more of that sort without the fitted bust, I would be so happy….


    Rachel replied:

    I’m a boy who wishes she wasn’t…

    SO i get all my clothes from girls shops – although being married with a family i cant go as far as to present as a girl. I don’t think that i have got any ‘boy’ clothes for 20 years.

    The helpful word is lagenlook – this means clothes with layers so you can have tunics ( AKA dresses ) over trousers. Look at brands OSKA and Sarah Santos. I recently got a hareim skirt which looks ( as one leg is black and one ‘plaid’ like baggy trousers) Not shown that one to the family yet :)

    The biggest difficulty is sizing I’m a 39 inch waist which can fit size 18/20/22 UK but often the rise is too small because of the boy parts i hate

    Tops which are fitted need to be 3x or 2x – baggy ones can be a bit smaller

    I frequently wear something elastic round the tummy part to keep it in line – I’m not fat but lacking breasts the tummy can be the most protruding part. A little padding at the top – without saying ‘look at my boobs’ would be nice. I have almost no body hair so i like to fairly low cut fronts – with a lace camisole perhaps.

    knickers and shoes are a problem if you want them fem – but http://www.shoesofprey might be the answer

    Lots of Love


  7. outandinandinbetweenie

    I agree with the pockets- I’d like a structured upper half that would square the shoulders with a long skirt [must I always have to choose whether or not to shave my legs?]. Something in neutral tones with a pop or two of colour.


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