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A comic with four frames.  Top left: a person in a T-shirt with rectangular glasses and short, slightly wavy hair says "I want to be dashing and handsome, compassionate, strong, passionate, logical, sensitive, bold, free, and loving... Does that make *male* or *female*? Who gets to decide that?"  Top right: a person with freckles, whose left half has short hair, wears a masculine vest and a tie, and whose right half has long hair, and wears a hairband, a necklace and a feminine camisole/vest. They say "When I am wearing feminine clothing, I feel that my body is more feminine, and I feel that my body is masculine when I am wearing masculine clothing. My view of the gender of my body changes depending on my perspective at the time."  Bottom left: a person with short spiky hair and sideburns says "I really care less about what *society* thinks and more about what my *family* thinks. I really care about them a lot. (In smaller font:) I mean... I've struggled all my life trying to get acceptance from my folks."  Bottom right: a person in a dinosaur costume, saying "Some words I sometimes use are monster, person, David Bowie, androgyne, intergender, and genderqueer. (In smaller font:) I spend a lot of time looking for people like me, for my kind, and to that end labels like genderqueer are useful and comforting." They are surrounded by boxes containing the labels mentioned and more.

FINE – A Comic About Gender
A graphic novel based on interviews with real people

What is gender? How do we relate to it? How do we talk about it? Does it mean the same thing for everyone? FINE examines these questions by interviewing Midwesterners from across the gender spectrum. Check out the online preview of this fascinating comic project. They are actively looking for more interviewees, particularly queer and trans* people of color from the Midwest USA.

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  1. b

    yay! that’s my roommate in the last panel <3


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