Recommendation: Gender Bill of Rights

Cuna recommends…


I dream of a world where every single one of these listed items is respected.

Some of my favourites are:

“6. No one’s gender should ever be assumed. No one should ever be assumed to have a gender.
7. You have a right to full control over your gender beginning at birth. No surgical alterations should be made on unconsenting infants in order to fit them into a certain paradigm of gender. Gendered names, pronouns, and descriptors should never be used until children can decide for themselves how they wish to be known to the world.
16. You have a right to total control over your own body and sole authority in making decisions about it.”

Imagine that. Which one(s) are your favourites? What would you add?

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Posted by on December 23rd, 2013 at 08:00 am

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3 Responses to “Recommendation: Gender Bill of Rights”

  1. Anonymous

    This is so so great.


  2. Skye

    I like #7 the best. It saddens me how babies are labeled at birth, and that children are raised in accordance with the label given to them. A kid is perfectly capable of figuring out their own identity! They don’t need anyone to tell them who they are, and make that determination based on their body parts!

    This is what I would add to this list:

    The following places would be REQUIRED to have gender neutral restrooms and gender neutral changing rooms: Grocery stores, clothing stores, restaurants, airports, doctor’s/dentist’s/physical therapist’s/chiropractor’s offices, pharmacies, computer stores, toy stores, department stores, hospitals, stand-alone public restrooms (often seen in large/crowded metropolitan areas near shopping districts), auto shops, gas stations, libraries, appliance stores, fabric stores, ALL schools from preschool to graduate school, parks, public pools, gyms, bookstores, art supply stores, cafes, convenience stores, fast food joints, bars/nightclubs, furniture stores, and ALL places where people work–whether it’s a law office or a Walmart!!

    Transgender education would be MANDATORY in public and private schools from prekindergarten up to the high school level.

    A plethora of courses were offered in all universities and community colleges on transgender folks.

    The sections of stores that carry maxi pads would be called “Personal Care” instead of “Feminine Hygiene”.

    Department stores would be labeled “Adults”, “Teens”, “Children’s”, “Toddlers” and “Infants” instead of the gender labels they have now.


  3. Anonymous

    I’d love society better if it were like this.:-)


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