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I Hate My Job
Music Video

Wonderfully whimsical men dancing in heels is always good. And those legs!

Editor’s note: While this video was recommended by a reader mainly for the visuals, one of the lines in the lyrics seems to be anti-trans*.

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Posted by on August 31st, 2013 at 08:00 am

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6 Responses to “Recommendation: I Hate My Job”

  1. Mark W.

    While I love much of J.B. Dubs’ work, the “two-dollar tranny” line in this song really marred my enjoyment of the rest of this video. I think it’s a sad reminder of the casual transphobia that exists even in a community where gender variety and non-normative gender presentation is generally appreciated.


    Anonymous replied:

    I totally agree, and I was thinking the same thing.


    anta replied:

    It irked me too, but then he said something about putting someone’s fingers in a paper shredder, and that made me think that an attitude problem of some sort is being portrayed. A person putting someone’s fingers in a shredder isn’t a nice person, and it’s that sort of a person using the word here.


    tigr replied:

    I have to admit that I was so captivated by the visuals I really didn’t notice that line (or much else of the lyrics beyond “I hate my job”) when I watched it before preparing it for publication! I’m not entirely sure what to do about it — do you think that it’s okay to leave it up with the added Editorial note about that line ?


    german dude replied:

    hi, i think it depends on how everyone defines the term “tranny”. For me the word “tranny” is not a negative word. It is the short form of trans/transsexual for me. It is a word I am proud of, because this is what I am. The shame that it brings up is just because of all those transphobic idiots who use it to hurt people…

    AND it`s just a song. You must wake up very early if you want to erase every transphobic, homophobic, queerphobic whatever line of whatever song, book, article…..let`s just enjoy looking at those beautiful legs….


  2. Callista

    Still don’t know how they manage to balance in those things! I stay far, far away from them myself. Leave the high heels to the people who want to live dangerously; I prefer a nice pair of sneakers. Even when I was a bridesmaid I wore flats.

    But wow can they dance. Respect for doing it in high heels!


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