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A drawing of head and torso of a person lying on the ground, eyes blankly staring up. They have short dark hair with some red in it, and they wear a white, long-sleeved collared shirt with stripes in blue, pink, green, yellow, orange. There are brightly-coloured (mostly yellow, some orange, a bit purple) dots around the face - maybe sweets, or stones, or marbles?
Infamous Sphere Reviews
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I’m Infamous Sphere and I’m a movie and television reviewer, who mainly focusses on LGBT movies (and period dramas). I like to look at all kinds of queer cinema, from the oldest, the worst, and the most ignored. I’m not always nice to the movies, but I do review them from a queer, humourous perspective and I try to be fair.

I do a separate series of reviews called “Gender Hipster reviews”. Gender Hipster is an androgynous, genderless person, and xie reviews movies that have anything to do with cross dressing, gender bending and all-round gender f**kery.

I started the reviewing because I love queer cinema (and period drama) and I thought that this was a niche which I felt I knew a bit about. I love the idea that there are always more queer films coming just around the corner, and I love it when I realise I’ve dug up something that not many people know about. I like to tell people about queer history, social history and art history in my reviews, while remaining entertaining.

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  1. Daniel

    Hey there! I found your reviews on blip last night (for me, at least. I live in the US) and have been slowly working my way through them all. For some odd reason I can’t get Where the Truth Lies and It’s Pat to play. I’m really sorry to hear that you got fired for being genderqueer. I really have enjoyed your reviews thus far and hope you get this. Take care!


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