State of flux

Someone wrote…

I feel like I’m in a perpetual state of flux, never knowing where or who I will be next, and not feeling like I fit in with any group because I seem to be everything at once, yet nothing solid enough to put an identity label on. I search for consistency and come up with only change…

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

Posted by on June 21st, 2013 at 08:00 am

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3 Responses to “State of flux”

  1. xx-j

    hah! fuck yeah! any and all. unidentifiable. undeniable deeper seeing. possibly true freedom ..?


  2. Anonymous

    I can totally relate to what you’re saying here. I have this unsourceable need to have consistency in my life and feel that my identity is a constant thing, and yet I continuously feel the ground shifting under my feet and I can never tell where that leaves me standing. I feel like “genderqueer” might encompass my experience but at the same time I feel like there’s a certain set of criteria I must fill and often I do not feel adequately qualified to claim that or any other real label. I know the labels aren’t really important but I just want some stability in my life and a sturdier foundation on which to relate to people. Defining myself is my way of establishing how to interact with others and I don’t know how to find that for myself within the systems we’ve already created.


  3. Boo

    Dunno about you folks, but I’ve found solace in the term genderfluid…Genderqueer works for me too, but I like genderfluid because it defines me by my changing and allows for all of that :D


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