The daily drag brow

Submitted by Simon, the model and photographer.

“Now that I’m away from home, I can go further with makeup and dress, spending more time in heels and skirts than I do in typically masculine attire.”

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Posted by on February 11th, 2013 at 10:00 am

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6 Responses to “The daily drag brow”

  1. radical/rebel

    you are stunningly gorgeous and I love the way you’re carrying yourself in this photo.

    radical beauty,


    Simon/ Simone 'the daily drag brow' replied:

    Thankyou ever so much, its so much easier to blossom with out people you care about around to judge you haha


  2. Glam Girls

    Just came across your site. You are very insperational. Visit our site, Take a look around. Would love to hear from you…give us a “blog” shout out!


    Simon/ Simone 'the daily drag brow' replied:

    Hello, i was jsut wondering if you were talking about my site or this site? if mine im happy to give you a shout out, i jsut took a look at your wonderful site and im so pleased to see a cosmetics company that is not gender biased. so if it was my tumblr you were talking about im more than happy to give you a shout out and its very likely i will become a customer :)


  3. Chris/Sian

    You look fantastic!

    Thats why I’m looking forward to getting a palce of my own


  4. Simon/ Simone 'the daily drag brow'

    Nothing better than the freedom of your own place, it has done wonders for me, i have been in control of my own diet, my day to day life, my working hours its just so good for you. im so much more independent and a lot happier in myself. and due to a lot of time now spent naked wondering about in my room, purely because i can, im allot more body confident. its all around goodness!


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