The Eyes of a Friend

Submitted by Sarah Helene. Photography by Eva G. Gala.

“This is one of our best friends who, at first, did not believe that she’d be a good model. I believe this photo proves her more than wrong. She is as beautiful inside as she is outside and we love her very much.”

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Additional note: “We took this photo for our company Kookie of London. Kookie is owned by Luke (a transman) and myself Sarah and we offer classic, affordable secondhand clothing and homewares. By including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and genderqueer models, as well as those who are heteronormative and cisgender, we strive to make everybody feel welcome!”

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5 Responses to “The Eyes of a Friend”

  1. Callista

    Now I’m curious… Does anybody make clothing specifically for trans people? I mean, their body shape is slightly different even on hormones, and they may be taller or shorter than most, depending on luck and how much they’ve changed physically. T-shirts and jeans are fine and all, but tailored suits and dresses might be a different story. I don’t know much about fashion, but you’d think there’d be an interesting challenge there for a tailor or fashion designer.


  2. Clara

    I’m not sure if there have been many breakthroughs yet, but it’s definitely being worked on.


  3. Skye

    This shop in San Francisco caters to those who are trans/lesbian/non-binary/genderfluid. They have custom made suits, shirts, trousers etc. and one can shop online if they are far away from San Francisco.


  4. paesan

    What a great model! That intensity is electrifying.


  5. Afton

    Wow she looks amazing! I wish I looked like that, lol.


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