What are you doing in here?

Submitted by Simon/Simone, the photographer and model.

“What are you doing in the men’s bathroom? Ahh…I’m a guy. Have a fabulous day!”

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Posted by on April 1st, 2013 at 10:00 am

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10 Responses to “What are you doing in here?”

  1. radical/rebel


    you make me want to be a guy.


    Simon/ Simone 'the daily drag brow' replied:

    hahah thanks, gotta admit being a guy is pretty fabulous :)


  2. Jesse

    On the way in:

    What are you doing in the men’s bathroom? Do I make you uncomfortable? If I am using this bathroom, would you be more comfortable in the Ladies bathroom? Was there something special you wanted me to do with you in the men’s bathroom? Do you have a problem using the bathroom when someone else is using it, because I can wait until you’re done.

    On the way out:

    I am leaving. Do you want me to stay? What do you think I was doing in here? Hey, I can only really think of one thing people regularly do in here and I didn’t think it was a secret. What are you doing in here? Can you prove you’re allowed in here – without sexual misconduct?


    Simon/ Simone 'the daily drag brow' replied:

    hahaha hilarious, i mean seriously what is the big deal what do you think im gonna do, attack you with a lipstick pahahaha
    but on a more serious note its taken me a while but i know what public restrooms in what clubs i can use and get the least abuse, although i am pleasantly surprised on a regular basis by real mens men complimenting me and saying ‘ respect what you do it takes balls’


  3. Elle

    What bathroom is that again? Just curious…


  4. Anonymous

    I like everything about this.


  5. Anonymous

    You are gorgeous


    Simon/ Simone 'the daily drag brow' replied:

    thankyou x


  6. Anonymous

    Story of my life, ha ha.


  7. Anonymous

    Also, you’re beautiful.


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