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“I have hirsutism. Basically, I grow thick hair where normally only males grow such hair, which includes my face. It’s made me feel insecure and ‘man-ish’ for a lot of my life, so I took on this project. I did this to explore what the widely-accepted gender ideals are and how I might fit in them, mostly, so I can accept that I don’t.”

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Posted by on May 1st, 2013 at 10:00 am

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9 Responses to “Yvonne”

  1. Anonymous

    You probably know this, but you are gorgeous.


  2. Ainsley



  3. radical/rebel

    so pretty! this is so pretty. I totally want to meet the person behind this photo.

    radical self-love,


  4. Orselina

    I have this as well, and struggled with it for YEARS when I identified (or tried very hard to identify) as female.

    This will sound dippy, but since I’ve come out as bigender, I see all the more ‘handsome’ attributes – broad shoulders, face fuzz, thick limbs – as sort of a divine nudge in the direction of my real identity.

    I’m glad you embrace your fuzz. You are just gorgeous.


  5. michael

    such an inspiration.

    a divine spirit.


  6. rainbow fish

    oh wow. you look and sound awesome.


  7. Ryan

    I think you look great!


  8. jacob

    You’re lovely with an inner glow and super sexy!


  9. Anonymous

    Yes, a lovely person to look at. What matters more: you are clearly a sensitive and brave person. Gender and appearance aside: we need more sensitive and brave people in the world.


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