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I’m so nervous about expressing myself to my family and community. Most of my family understand binarily trans people just fine, and so do a fair number of people where I live, but a lot of people are prejudiced against them – how are they going to react to someone who’s some third gender?

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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  1. Iby

    I live in a relatively conservative area and can relate to this….I recently came out…most of my family was a little confused but very supportive and are gaining knowledge. I find that people are going to react how people react…and that I am not responsible for people; I am not their keeper. Now…if it comes down to my personal safety or the safety of my loved ones, I will do what I must do to ensure that, even if that means pretending to be a particular gender. This said, I just let the haters hate and find ways to nurture and love myself and remind myself that they are the ones choosing to be cruel…that there is nothing wrong with me. I also find nurturing people and stay near them…and I try to find, (when I have the emotional resources), other trans people who are struggling and to lift them up and nurture them. :) I also try to remember that it is not my job to educate people. If people are being bigoted jerks and asking for information, I answer when i feel comfortable and want to and otherwise (most of the time) I just say no and ignore them. What has been most important to me has been finding some support network…some resources for me and people who are supportive to feed me and make sure I don’t crash and burn emotionally when things get rough…and people I can give love to in return. Best of luck to you! Keep reaching out.


  2. Iby

    I also would add: do make sure to secure your physical and financial security before coming out…especially if you are a young person who is dependent financially and for a home on your parents. I suggest checking out PFLAG’s coming out as trans resources…they are a bit dated, but they do a good job of going over fears and strategies for dealing with them and pragmatically ensuring your safety.


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