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Who said I have to be a boy or a girl? Why can’t I just be “me”? “Me” is pretty great and “me” doesn’t want to be one or the other.

All my life I’ve been labeled as a girl, and while there isn’t really anything wrong with that, no one asked how I wanted to be labeled, which is really just another issue, there really isn’t a specific label for me. Anything other than “me” just isn’t right. Is it really that complicated?

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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  1. german dude

    Society said, I have to be a girl. The lady at the desk said, I have to be a girl, as I filled out a form and could not decide where to cross.
    My doctor said, I have to be a girl
    My boss at work said, I have to be a girl.

    They all say the same thing that my body says to me everytime I look at it. They all say that I am and must be a girl.
    My mirror says I am a girl. The busdriver says I am a girl. My ID says I am a girl. My blood says……I could go on like this for hours.

    And of course my family says I have to be a girl.
    Not only do they all say I have to be one, they all seem to already KNOW that I AM one. Who told them so? Not me. But I just did what they told me.

    But now I am just me. I am me, and I say NO, I am not that girl. But I cannot be as loud as they are together. They do not listen. It is not important what I say.
    But yes, I think I am, or, my “ME” is pretty great, too, I like myself. But the one that screams the loudest and shows all others who I have to be is this body. So….yes, it really IS that complicated. Well, it is for me.

    If it is not complicated for you, would you be so kind to tell me how you do that?


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