Lines and scales

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I feel stuck between thinking that because I’m female-bodied, everything I do is inherently feminine because I use my body and myself to express and be who I am. But then I also think that most of how I express myself and feel would fall under a normatively masculine umbrella.

Where does one draw the line between masculine and feminine? What tips the scales? Is my gender even related to my body?

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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2 Responses to “Lines and scales”

  1. Anonymous

    I think masculinity, femininity, and their relation to your body is subjective. I believe that you may state your expressions to be masculine because they feel that way.

    I identify as male, and female-bodied. The female-body label is just because this is the physical form I have. I’m not actually sure how people perceive me because I have autism. I don’t particularly feel masculine or feminine.


  2. Anonymous

    I don’t draw a line between them.
    For starters there’s plenty of overlap between so-called masculine and feminine expression: history and non-western(European) cultures provide many examples of flamboyant/colourful clothing or genteel behaviour as ultra-manly. Or, say, the warrior women of either Sparta or The Amazon.
    Secondly, I deliberately blur the distinction with my make-up and clothing, because I don’t identify as either extreme of the gender spectrum.
    My expression is what it is, me. Sometimes I might feel (and express) more feminine, but whether anyone actually notices and labels it as such? I can’t say, and I’ve learned to stop worrying/caring if they do.

    Short answer: gender is not biology


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