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You can call me… Oisín (although most people know me as Niamh – I’m in the process of changing that! :-) )

I identify as… trans-masculine/genderqueer/boy/just me.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … He is best, but most people call me She

I’m attracted to… Female-bodied people of all sorts, especially genderqueer/masculine female bodied people. I’m also attracted to trans men that self-define as outside the binary. It’s just cis-men that I’m not attracted to (although I can appreciate a good looking cis-guy :-) )

When people talk about me, I want them to… talk about my interests and my intellect, and think about me as a person, not a gender.

I want people to understand… that I’m still trying to figure my gender out, and I’m happy for people to join me on this journey :-)

About Oisín (although most people know me as Niamh – I’m in the process of changing that! :-) )
I came out initially as bisexual, then lesbian, then queer, then genderqueer, and now trans. It’s been a learning curve that continues on but life gets better and better as I learn more about myself. :-)

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  1. radical/rebel

    hey oisin! you look really cute, and also happy in this picture! are you from Ireland? I like your profile a lot and relate to the part about moving through a lot of identities for our sexuality/gender identities. so glad to hear that you’re finding the journey exciting and empowering! that’s what I hope for all of us, that our movement toward self-discovery brings with it a lot of joy, to us and to the world.
    keep being awesome and looking good! :)

    radical care, radical love,


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