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You can call me… Tab.

I identify as… I think of myself as genderless in my head, but for the sake of convenience (since it’s pretty obvious that I am 100% biologically female), I live as a woman. I will sometimes say “genderqueer,” because I’m still trying to figure all this stuff out.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … since I grew up with “she” and “her”, those are fine, but gender-neutral pronouns are cool too.

I’m attracted to… sexually-speaking, nobody–I’m asexual. I am panromantic, with a preference for men and non-binary people (the more androgynous-looking, the better). I’ve never been attracted to a woman before, but hey, stuff happens. I’m also attracted to intelligence, good humor and dorky smiles.  :)

When people talk about me, I want them to… not make the mistake of holding me to typical female expectations. Just because I live as a woman for convenience doesn’t mean I will meet those expectations. I probably won’t, and trying to hold me to them is setting everyone up for disappointment.

I want people to understand… that just because I don’t make the rest of the world act differently toward me doesn’t mean that I don’t think of myself far differently than I did before I figured all this out. There are more than two ways to be, even if we ARE just talking about gender.

About Tab
This is the first year I started wearing shirts and ties, and I love it. I mentioned to my roommate that I wanted to get a binder (primarily because I think some of the clothes I wear would look better on me if I had one), and later on in the conversation, she asked me if I might want to transition later. I said no, because I wouldn’t feel any more or less comfortable as a man than I do as a woman. I would feel more comfortable, quite honestly, if “none” (or even “other”) was a more recognized option.

Also, I’m pretty new to this whole “genderless” thing, too… I just figured it out about a month or so ago. So if anything I said offended anyone, I’m sorry. Please cut me some slack.

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