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Hi, my breasts are set very low on my chest + I bought a binder that’s just a bit too big (I’m in between sizes and I figured going big would be better and less damaging), and as such, my breasts usually … fall out of the binding area. Because of that, I usually wind up “binding down” and I’ve read that that can hurt and damage your breast tissue + it hurts my breasts.

So I was wondering, is there any way to “lift” my breasts up inside the binder so I don’t wind up binding down? I try to fix it by laying down and pulling my breasts up and towards the side while in the binder, and it lasts for a little bit until I have to move my arms/chest around too much.


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  1. anta

    I’m sorry I can’t help you, but I’d be really interested to hear someone’s take on this. I bind down because (perhaps due to the model of the binder I wear) I can’t fit my breasts up in a way that wouldn’t make them bulge out under the armpits.

    I’ve been binding down for years, and I haven’t noticed any ill effects (except perhaps sagging, but I can’t judge that since I don’t know how my breasts would be without binding). But if it hurts you, you certainly should look into other options.


  2. Harley

    I’m not sure if it would work, but perhaps you could try wearing a sports bra underneath the binder. It might give you the type of support you’re looking for.


  3. Moses

    Hi, I think Harleys idea of the sports bra is a good one.

    Perhaps also, lying down to get it where you want it and perhaps using a bandage or sports tape over the binder but around your ribs/below bust to hold everything in place, cheaper than a sports bra (only costs £1 for 3 bandages or a roll of sports tape in pondworld) but perhaps not as comfortable.

    Good luck


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