Question: Feminine but not quite?

Izzy asks…

I don’t feel 100% feminine but I don’t really identify as being androgyne, agender or masculine in any way.

It’s fairly hard to express and it’s really only something I’ve started thinking about relatively recently so I’m not sure how my identity will shift or what I’ll end up feeling comfortable referring to myself as.

I regard myself as mostly feminine but it just doesn’t feel quite right – I realise that this falls under the genderqueer umbrella; is there a specific term for individuals who feel the way that I do?

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Posted by on September 29th, 2014 at 08:00 am

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2 Responses to “Question: Feminine but not quite?”

  1. Monster

    I gave up on externally created labels a while ago. I’ve found that absolutely nothing out there describes who I want to be seen as or who I have formed myself to embody. So I collect labels. I take existing labels and squish them together, adjusting as necessary, and whip them out whenever convenient. I’ve found that certain labels deserve certain company. Like “transqueer” can be used around my peers, but not older folk kindly struggling to understand. The elders prefer things like “gendermixed,” which is gentler to a new-to-the-queer ear. Someone recently said to me that I had a flexible gender, so my latest term has come to be genderflexible, which stemmed into other f combos like friendly-gendered and masculofabulous.

    I’m less on the “mostly feminine” side, but I think this technique could serve you well.


  2. Anonymous

    I feel the same way. I just say fluid. I was born a girl but when I was younger I acted and dressed as a boy. Now that I am older I present as more feminine but at times feel still don’t feel 100% as you state it. I just understand gender for me is fluid.


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