The unrealistic state of beauty standards

Someone wrote…

My first year of gender non-conformism has already given me so much respect and empathy for the social beauty pressure women have to deal with.

I’ve always been so against unrealistic beauty ideals for women, yet here I am now comparing my 40-year-old male-bodied self to thin gorgeous millennials on Pinterest or whatever, and feeling bad about not matching up.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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2 Responses to “The unrealistic state of beauty standards”

  1. Monster

    Awe that’s no fun. I’m dfab and the Pinterest age you’re describing, and I feel so lucky that people with my body type are represented being gender nonconforming there. It must stink having very little representation on those idealized media platforms. Cool thing is, though, genderfork is like Pinterest for people like you and like me and like everyone with any relation to what we’re both talking about. Just keep in mind that everyone can find images of “themselves” somewhere on the world wide web and in real life. For you, that process may be harder, and the options might be more limited, but there are people out there like those of us on genderfork to help you see yourself!


  2. Joe

    It is hard to be happy with yourself when the media is feeding you lies about the way life is supposed to be. Just remember that the media is harmful to your health (mostly) and you’ll feel better about it. I have struggled with anorexia trying so hard to be one of those girls to no avail. Even when my bones poke out my body shape just doesn’t come close. So, on a healthier track I found other groups of people that appreciate body types of all sorts. You are beautiful. You just have to look in the mirror without your media filter goggles on.


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