First time I think I look good in femme clothing

Submitted by Jo-I-Dunno, the model and photographer.

” I’m a transwoman and have been on HRT for 5.5 years now. I hoped hormones alone would make me look so feminine that I could keep my masculine fashion and personality but still be seen as a woman.

That hasn’t been the case. I’m still seen as male to the general public. I recently started experimenting with my hair and eyebrows and some light makeup without changing my clothes, but that didn’t work either: I just became an unusually cute boy.

But just recently I bought a started shopping for women’s clothes, and, holy smokes, I’m way hotter than I ever imagined I could be.

Beginning to rethink my MTF butch gender identity…”

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Posted by on July 28th, 2015 at 10:00 am

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3 Responses to “First time I think I look good in femme clothing”

  1. Anonymous

    I think you look great! Especially the hair, before I read the summary I did think you were female. ;)


  2. radical/rebel

    You look GORGEOUS, darling!!!! and the world always needs more show-stopping femme sparkle!!

    thank you for being your beautiful self and showing it to us. you’re a gift!

    radical beauty, radical queer style,


  3. Xoras

    You look great! You quite remind me of my first girlfriend. She was quite butch, but from time to time wore femme clothing, because she got misgendered often (even as cis-woman). She was hot in both styles too ;)

    I’m on the “other side” as a feminine transguy. If i wear feminine clothes, people see me instantly as female. That’s not what I want, so I had to find some sort of mixed-styled, that accent some masculine features, while allowing me to wear makeup, or a skirt…

    Maybe you can mix up things too, if you still want keeping your butch identity without beeing misgendered.


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