Hey, Call Me Riley!

Riley Alexandr wrote…

To the tune of “Tell Her About It” by Billy Joel

Listen up
‘Cause there’s one quick thing
It’s been weighing on my mind
I was gonna wait
But it’d be too late
Though I’ve got time on my side

I’m a loving friend
And a real great listener, too
But today is when
The listener is you

Oh, listen up
I’m sure that you think
You know exactly what to say
You don’t want some kid correcting you
But there’s a will so there’s a way

You might think you know me
‘Cause you see me every day
But that’s one more reason why I’ve gotta say…

Hey, call me Riley
I’m a guy and I’m a girl
There’s a spectrum labelled gender
Wouldn’t trade it for the world

Hey, call me Riley
‘Cause I’m genderfluid, see
If you could, just call me Riley
That would mean so much to me

Listen up
‘Cause dysphoria sucks
And I’m not asking a lot
Just one simple thing
That would help me out
Considering what all I got

When I try to pass
I’m hella insecure
But to start off there’s one thing that helps for sure…

Hey, call me Riley
It’s a way to show you care
When you see me walking
Say, “Hey, Riley!” and I’m there

Hey call me Riley
It’s a name that you should use
When in need of my attention
That’s the name that you should choose

Cause now and then
I’ll get to worrying
And I’ll start to feel this hopelessness inside
Though you may not have done anything
Is that helping me or telling me to hide?

Listen up
‘Cause it’s hard to be myself with no respect
If we’re friends at all
Then it’s not too tall
Of an order to expect

That you call me by
The name that I told you
So the next time we meet up
Here’s what you do:

(chorus x2)

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

Posted by on July 28th, 2015 at 08:00 am

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