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People often ask me why I identify as both genderfluid and genderqueer. I never really have a decent answer, because I can’t speak very well. But here’s my story.

Okay, so I’m a Libra. Known for being diplomatic and for understanding all viewpoints, Libras sometimes tend to absorb bits and pieces of identities they are exposed to. This includes me. Now, I’ve been exposed to a great number of gender identities over the years, and I can’t help but wonder about this.

I know people of nearly every gender. I can also empathise with nearly every gender. I mostly consider myself genderfluid, because I can identify with nearly every gender. Is this because I’m a Libra? Have I just absorbed so many genders over the years that they’ve blended together and splattered over my own identity? If so, what am I? Or am I truly genderfluid? I’ve seen a lot of genders, and the one I feel like the most is genderfluid. But where did that come from: me or my experiences?

I don’t really know what I am, so genderqueer works, I guess. But I still feel connected to “genderfluid” somehow. That’s why I identify as both.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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