Parenting. Done. Right.

Someone wrote…

I just came out to my dad, who tends to follow the opinions of my homophobic mom, and I explained to him that gender is a spectrum. Now, I’m terrible at explaining things, but he said that what I told him made perfect sense. Apparently, he had known some gender-defiant kids when he was my age, but he had simply shrugged it off.
When I actually told him about being pansexual, he said, “Because of how much I respect you, I respect your identity.”

Parenting. Done. Right.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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  1. t

    My mum, who has supported my FtM brother through getting puberty blockers, hormones, private healthcare for top surgery, and now through NHS hysterectomy and phalloplasty, has told me that “well, it’s going to be hard to remember” re. using they/them instead of she/her for my pronouns, as well as inferring that she believes in the binary gender even though *she had a double mastectomy this year primarily because of her feeling that she wasn’t comfortable with that part of her body* (there were other reasons too that meant she could get the surgery free, but her primary reason (that she didn’t tell the surgeon or nurses) was not feeling right with them). She doesn’t want to change her pronouns or her name or transition in any other way; similarly, all *I* want to change is my pronouns (I like my name despite it not being neutral at all, and I don’t want to surgically alter my body) … but she won’t listen to me.


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