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You can call me… Oliverrrrrrr (or O-Liver) (or just Oliver works too I guess)

I identify as… round up to man. I’m sure there’s an actual metric out there for gender already, but if you take the Kinsey scale and alter the parameters so that 0 = totally and completely binary cisgender and 6 = totally and completely binary transgender, I’m probably… a 4? ish?

Also nerd, queer, gay, bi, man, Quaker, weirdo, dog crazy, somewhat non-binary, feminist, son, future/aspiring dad, terrible punner, intellectual, armchair linguist, and someone who has a love-hate relationship with labels.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … He, him, his, himself, and his (this pronoun performs two functions! I think. For example “that is his jacket” aka “that jacket belongs to him” vs. “that is his” aka “that belongs to him” – ask a real linguist about this, I just enjoy the taste of upholstery. And also wordplay. Anyway I think it’s sort of similar to the difference between “that” in “that is a table” and “the tables that turn.”)

I’m attracted to… Attracted mostly to men in gay/queer porn, and also Tom Hardy, these days. Sometimes women and other individuals. Especially if they’re super muscular and queer looking, oh god. I swear, lesbians ruined me for straight girls. (Life ruined me for straight guys, womp womp.)

IRL? I don’t even know anymore. I feel like it comes and goes. I haven’t really been into anyone for the last year and a half, despite my libido shooting way the hell up once I started testosterone. It’s very strange for me!

When people talk about me, I want them to… be kind? I’m a work in progress.

I want people to understand… 1. that we are all born into systems of oppression and therefore inevitably shaped by them; that we all participate in systems of oppression, including those that oppress us specifically; and that this is actually helpful, because it means that we all have the power to change and subvert these systems, and rebuild better systems.

2. that neither humanity as a whole, nor any individual human, is perfectible; not just that we’ll never reach perfection, or that our imperfect minds are incapable of conceiving of any kind of perfection that isn’t somehow flawed – both true – but that the entire paradigm of perfection and perfectibility is flawed and missing the point of existence. I guess I’m mostly talking to myself here?

3. that labels, categories, and generalizations are both useful and limited.

4. nuance. I guess that’s the underlying theme here.

About Oliverrrrrrr (or O-Liver) (or just Oliver works too I guess)
Clearly I’ve rambled enough already. But you can find me at – and if you play Fallen London (which you shoulddddd), I’m The Jabez Dawes and I check my messages on the reg because I’m supes addicted.

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One Response to “Profile: Oliverrrrrrr”

  1. radical/rebel

    queer trans Quaker linguist nerd feminists? oh helllllll yeah. I’m one too! my name’s Jed. :-) maybe one day I’ll run into you in real life, friend!

    thanks for submitting your profile. be well and take care!

    radical Quakers and radical laughter,


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