Question: Am I Transgender?

Kat (Forest) asks…

I don’t really know how to phrase it but I guess the simple version is am I transgender? Only a couple years ago did I realize I was jealous of men, that they got to be called he, sir, him. I question who I am everyday, I don’t feel like I am who I am supposed to be, I feel it so deeply it hurts. But I also like my make-up and cute pretty things.

I told my parents I might be trans they just laughed and said I wasn’t because as I child I liked pink, and dresses. . I am so lost right now…

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Posted by on October 20th, 2015 at 08:00 am

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5 Responses to “Question: Am I Transgender?”

  1. Leonie

    Hey Kat/Forest!

    Being transgender doesn’t only mean you can be male to female or female to male. You can also find yourself in a non-linear identity. Be a female-to-both or female-to-unicorn or female-to-whatever. Only you define who you are and nobody will be allowed to laugh or tell you otherwise.
    Transgender is an umbrella term for anyone who departs from their gender assigned at birth and sails into new waters. But nobody says you need to give up anything you had, just so that you can gain something new. Be broad, not narrow. Spread out and find where your true self is waiting for you. :)


  2. Leonie

    PS: It’s totally fine to feel lost. This is part of the process! <3


  3. Tove

    Oh, hey! I feel like I can relate to your struggle with titles/honorifics.
    I’ve hated being called Miss/Ms./Ma’am, but I knew next to nothing about trans identities (or the gender binary) until a few years ago — and before that I just felt like I was failing at being a girl.

    (There’s no way to “fail” at being a girl if you identify as one. Maybe you’re a girl that likes to use he/him pronouns! Maybe you’re a girl and a boy. Maybe you’re sometimes one, sometimes the other. Maybe you’re neither!)

    Since coming out as trans and non-binary, I’ve given myself permission to experiment with feminine clothes and makeup, and cuteness, and sparkles — all of the things that felt claustrophobic before, when I was supposed to love them, are now much more fun to play with! (I actually feel most masculine when I’m wearing dresses. Go figure.)

    I’m sorry that you’re feeling lost right now, and I’m doubly sorry that your family isn’t taking you seriously — they’re wrong, not you. You are 100% your own, perfect person. Maybe experimenting with pronouns will help you feel more at home with yourself. <3


  4. Kit

    Hey there! I’m a trans man (ish, I’m agender but I lean masculine) and I totally love pink and dresses! I know cis men that do, too! Don’t let rigid outmoded gender standards dictate what your identity can or can’t be. If masculine feels like the right direction, if you want to be called ‘he’ or ‘sir’ or any of that… do it! Ask for it, or just demand it! Own that thing, dude!


  5. Lilly

    Tbh…i was in third grade when I started to put together that i was transfemale. I couldnt place y but at around that time i started doing rrsearxh and a lot of introspection. In 6th i figured out who I was. I didnt come out until march of 2018. Support is a big deal and a great thing. As has been said in earlier comments…therapy is helpful, and trying things out works well. Dont be afraid to be yourself, whoever that is cause you are always the best you.


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